Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why does Paws & Claws Fur Ever charge dues for membership?


A:  Nominal dues are charged in order to provide funds to cover P & C expenses, which are minimal, such as ink for printers, post office box rental, storage charges, etc. As an all-volunteer organization, each volunteer covers their own expenses, such as gas for their vehicles when making runs. Doing this enables every dime raised through fundraising to go to the needs of the animals in our partner rescues and to assist with medical expenses for animals both in foster and home care.


Q:  Is Paws & Claws Fur Ever a rescue?


A:  No. Paws & Claws Fur Ever is a fundraising/public educational organization. We do, from time to time, assist our partner rescues in securing foster homes and we assist with publicizing specific animals needing immediate placement.


Q:  Are donations to Paws & Claws Fur Ever tax deductible?


A:  No. Paws & Claws Fur Ever is not a 501(c)3 at this time. That may change in the coming year, but at this time, they are not.







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