Happening Now

Recently the youngest of the Vicktory dogs, Handsome Dan, crossed Rainbow Bridge. Danimal as he was called was very popular on social media and was the inspiration of the Handsome Dan Rescue operated by his family in RI.

In honor of Danimal (shown in photo below) Paws & Claws Fur Ever has offered to cover adoption fee for the dog who currently has waited the longest for its forever home. Right now, we can cover fees for one such adoption. If we can raise additional funds, we will cover the fees for a second adoption, then a third, and so on with the money raised through Labor Day.

If you can help, please honor the memory of a special dog and the efforts of people who put their entire beings into finding good forever homes for these dogs, by making a donation. No donation is too small. It will all add up. Those donating will have their names added to the donors’ list sent to the Handsome Dan Rescue and to our donors’ page.

You can donate via our GoFundMe page at: gf.me/u/jkchit This GoFundMe campaign ends in just a few days.

Or if you prefer you can send a check/money order payable to Paws & Claws, P O Box 390215, Omaha, NE 68139 (please note that it is for the adoption project on the memo line).

Thank you for your support.

Update: 7/30/18