Two friends had volunteered to gather supplies for the local humane society when they learned that many area rescues were having issues supplying their foster families with necessary items for the care of foster dogs and cats. At the same time, they learned, the local humane society had excess of such supplies and was disposing of this excess. When they decided to approach the human society about donating the surplus to area rescues, the idea was immediately rejected. The two women were both appalled and determined to raise money and collect supplies to assist area rescues. So, thus was born the idea that became Paws & Claws Fur Ever.

On June 1, 2013, Paws & Claws Fur Ever was registered with the State of Nebraska as a non-profit organization. While initially intending to apply for 501(c)3 status with the IRS, the Executive Board governing Paws & Claws Fur Ever learned that as such they would be restricted as to which rescues and individuals they could assist. The Board voted unanimously to forego seeking tax emption in favor of having greater latitude in assisting those re-homing homeless, abandoned and abused dogs and cats.

Today, Paws & Claws holds various fundraising events both on and off line. We have helped covered the adoption costs of two sibling Pit Bulls so that they could be adopted together; we covered extended boarding costs for a dog while her rescue searched for a suitable foster home; we have assisted rescues in getting available dogs to events for greater visibility to prospective adopters; we have assisted members of the public in adding dogs/cats to their families; we have donated funds to fight the legal battle to save dogs misidentified as Pit Bulls in a BSL community, and we have produced literature and spoken against BSL/BDL where it exists.

The task is not done. In fact, it is greater today than it was back in 2013. Without being able to offer the incentive of a tax deduction, Paws & Claws Fur Ever works to educate the public on the needs of rescues and no-kill shelters, and at this point in time, at least, the public has responded. We gratefully accept free-will donations and are always humbled by the backing of our supporters and volunteers.


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